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I'm a fitness professional based in NYC and I have been helping hundreds of busy New Yorkers transform their bodies since moving here in 2001.


One thing that amazes me about our body is that it's wildly adaptable. For this adaptation to occur we are always in a state of renewal and turnover. Our 50 to 75 trillion cells are in a constant state of regeneration!


This means that the materials (nutrition) we use and our habits (exercise, sleep, self-care, self-talk) determine whether the renewal makes us a better version of ourselves or if we contribute to further breakdown - speeding up the aging process.


We can essentially re-create ourselves through positive habits.


Exercise is a stimulus to re-build and re-mold our bodies. But we can't expect to accomplish this while living in a constant state of mental stress on top of physical stress from over-exercising (catabolism) or excessive dieting (catabolism). 


We want to live in a state of positive adaptation - both physically and mentally.


If there's something in life that is a physical or energetic drain, we have the option to either remove that thing or COUNTER it by applying new habits.


The most basic habits can often create the most positive impact over the course of our lives.


Bachelor's Degree (Individualized Concentration: Exercise Science & Marketing/Health Promotion) - University of Massachusetts @ Amherst
Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Professional Member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition
Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach (The CHEK Institute)
Certified Group Exercise Instructor and Certification Examiner (American Fitness Association of America)
Faculty/Educator (Evidence Based Fitness Academy)
Professional Bikini Competitor (International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness)

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner Trainee



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