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Different Body Types seem to respond differently to macronutrient ratios AND types of training. 


For instance, someone who has a higher percentage of ECTOmorph ("long and lean") characteristics can usually handle more CARBS than someone who has a higher percentage of ENDOmorph (softer and curvier) qualities. 

ECTOmorphs tend to prefer cardio over other forms of exercise. They can also lose body fat pretty quickly by adding (or subtracting) cardio to their regimen. Look at the body type that tends to do really well in competitive marathons. Successful marathon runners are always predominantly ECTOmorphs! But if you're an ECTOmorph - strength training is really important to include for balance and to prevent overuse injuries from things like running and cycling. 

Someone who is mostly a MESOmorph will also respond to running - but this body type performs really well at sprints and shorter runs. If someone is a mix of MESO and ECTO - fat loss might be pretty quick in response to exercise. If someone has some ENDO characteristics though - fat loss will likely be slower.

Someone who is mostly an ENDOmorph tends to be less responsive to cardio. Pure ENDOmorphs perform really well at power lifting. Cardio will feel less natural BUT that just means that MORE is necessary for fat loss.


Someone with more ENDOmorph characteristics will need to do more cardio than someone who is primarily ECTOmorph or a mix of ECTOmorph and MESOmorph.

So in summary - when it comes to body composition or fat loss specifically:
ENDO (soft, curvy) - requires the most cardio and fewer carbs for fat loss.
MESO (strong, quick adapter) - requires some cardio for fat loss but not as much as ENDO.
ECTO (lanky, "long and lean") - requires the least amount of cardio and can usually handle eating more carbs.

We all tend to be a mix of ENDO, MESO, and ECTO and all body types can benefit from both strength and cardiovascular training.

You are never limited by your assumed body type. 


This Body Type Calculator is just ONE of the tools I like to use when developing individualized programs with new virtual clients!

This is also just ONE of the tools included in My Hot Body Project group coaching to help you discover what YOU need to achieve whatever goals you have.  




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