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7-Day Rekindle Your SPARK Mini-Course

🌟 "Rekindle Your Spark: 7-Day Journey to Unleash Your Inner Holistic Hottie" 🌟 Start on a transformative adventure with our 7-day course, designed not just as a fitness program, but as a lifestyle shift. Whether you're starting your fitness journey or seeking extra motivation, this course is your perfect companion. 🔥 Day 1: Spark Your Inner Flame – Discover how small changes in your environment can significantly impact your wellness journey. 🌟 Day 2: Unveil Your Fitness Dreams – Dive into the power of visualization to create a compelling fitness vision. 💡 Day 3: Release & Rewire – Transform limiting beliefs into empowering thoughts through the science of neuroplasticity. 🧘 Day 4: Transform Self-Criticism – Learn to reframe thoughts, embracing self-love and empowerment. 🏃‍♀️ Day 5: Dreams Don't Work Unless You Take Action – Align your aspirations with actionable steps for long-term success. 🌈 Day 6: You Are a Badass – Celebrate your progress and resilience, boosting confidence and self-recognition. 🌀 Day 7: Trust the Journey – Embrace the holistic aspect of your wellness journey, reflecting on your growth and future. Each day combines practical exercises, guided visualizations, and empowering insights, accompanied by a curated Spotify playlist to enhance your experience. This course offers the tools and inspiration needed for a holistic transformation. Join Amira Lamb to rekindle that spark and unleash the Holistic Hottie in you!



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