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Training at Home

My Hot Body Project

Unleash Your Potential with MHBP: A Journey to Your Best Self

Are you ready to kickstart your transformative journey that goes beyond ordinary workouts? 

Join MHBP now and step into a world where Amira will be your guide to unlocking the best version of yourself.

Diverse Workouts

Get access to BattleGroove Cardio Kickboxing, on-the-beat Shredded Strength sessions, and more. Our classes are designed to redefine your fitness and are accessible whenever you need them.

Flexibility and Customization:

Tailor your journey with our versatile training programs, perfect for any setting – whether at home, in the gym, or on the move.

Exclusive Discounts

25% off Rekindle Your SPARK and Meal Planning Like A Holistic Hottie

20% off Amira's Zoom classes that aren't already included as part of your MHBP membership

35% off all Thorne Research supplements

Progress Tailored to YOU:

From beginners to more advanced athletes, our workouts are for all levels, ensuring you find your perfect fit.

Stay Connected,
Stay Motivated:

Engage in two exclusive livestream classes each month. Join our community for these energetic sessions and fuel your fitness fire on the 2nd (10 AM EST) and 4th (11 AM EST) Sundays of each month. Let's sweat together!


Get real results and shared growth through our SPARK Challenges. Enjoy daily accountability in our private Facebook group, celebrate your progress, and benefit from the added bonus of direct support from Amira.


Elevate Your MHBP Experience


($150 VALUE)

Begin with a private 1-on-1 session with Amira, setting your goals and mapping your unique fitness journey.



($100 Value)

Receive tailored macros, fine-tuned to optimize your nutrition and results.

25% OFF


Enjoy diverse meal plans catering to various dietary needs, making healthy eating simple and delicious.



($100 Value)

Gain exclusive access to Amira's insider tips and nutrition secrets that powered her bikini competitions. Witness your own transformation from the inside out.


($75 VALUE)

Access a treasure trove of healthy recipes to spice up your meal prep and stay on track.


One of Amira Lamb's, Founder of Holistic Hottie Inc and Holistic Hottie®, clients


I turned 45 last month, have three kids (9, 7, and 5 - the 9 year old has special needs), and work full time. We took a trip to Mexico last month, after many years of not going anywhere. And because of Amira Lamb and all of you, I got to wear this and feel damn good about my middle age self.

One of Amira Lamb's, Founder of Holistic Hottie Inc and Holistic Hottie®, clients


Years of workouts clicked when I adopted Amira's approach. And understanding what the hell a macro is has been game changing! Eternally grateful.

One of Amira Lamb's, Founder of Holistic Hottie Inc and Holistic Hottie®, clients paddle boarding 13 month post partum


Training with Amira for 7 years, I used MHBP throughout my pregnancy and resumed just a month postpartum. Now, 15 months later, I've never felt stronger. Amira's guidance is invaluable.

One of Amira Lamb's, Founder of Holistic Hottie Inc and Holistic Hottie®, clients

RAJEE, 41 

I have been doing your MHBP videos 6x per week and all the hard work, plus your motivation and guidance has gotten me here. I cannot thank you enough 🙏🏽! Even though I only see you in the videos, I feel your spirit all around me! Your fitness program has helped me achieve goals I never thought possible.

Join the Ultimate Wellness Experience

For only $50/month, gift yourself holistic fitness, mind transformation, and a community that cheers for you every step of the way.  Ready for the Transformation?

Join MHBP Today!

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