Does The Fitness Lifestyle Have To Be Expensive?

Does a healthy lifestyle have to break the bank?

Initially it might seem like it since there is some trial and error involved when trying different things and then streamlining your go-to practices.

One big mistake I see a lot of people making is thinking they need to suddenly a bunch of hyped up specialty items (e.g. coconut oil) to be healthy. Fortunately - overpriced specialty items are NOT necessary!

I noticed this happening a lot when lurking in various healthy/diet/lifestyle Facebook groups. People were spending so much money on juice bar juices and foods like coconut oil and 100% grass-fed beef that they were literally going broke! To those people specifically I'd say: "You don't HAVE to consume coconut oil or grass-fed beef specifically. You can choose other less costly fats/oils and instead of beef which is expensive, choose poultry or wild fish/seafood. Eat more vegetables and chew thoroughly." :-D

You also will save a lot of money by avoiding convenience products that are marketed to people who are living the paleo, Whole30, vegan, or keto lifestyles!

Generally speaking:

- Convenience products marketed to the general public who aren't focused on their health tend to be full of crap.

- Convenience products marketed to people who are looking for healthy foods are overhyped and overpriced!

You may or may not know this about me but I am a penny pincher. I love finding deals and saving money. It's a challenge I REALLY enjoy.

I see finances as an important aspect of overall health. Money is energy and it offers stability. If you're constantly spending beyond your means, waiting for your next paycheck, or behind on bills - that stress WILL affect your physical health. Here are a few of my tips which you might already do yourself. If you have any others to add email me or send me a DM on Instagram! 1. Buy in bulk when possible. This can obviously depend on your living situation. If you're in NYC like me there's a good change you don't have a stand alone freezer or additional pantry space or much extra storage in general. If you DO, however, use it. Items I buy in bulk include meats (including seafood), frozen vegetables and fruits, certain nutritional supplements, canned tuna and salmon (wild, packed in water), and other staples like quinoa and raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Other staples you can buy in bulk include nut butters or nuts, and beans. I freeze a lot and buy a lot of frozen stuff. It saves me time and money and it's actually just as healthy - if not healthier since nutrient content diminishes the longer fresh foods are hanging around.

2. If you do any shopping at WholeFoods you can save 5% off each visit if you pay using the Cash app. If you have AmazonPrime you get 10% off regularly priced items or 15% off sale items!

You really don't HAVE to shop at WholeFoods to be healthy, by the way. I rarely do. I mostly shop at Trader Joe's!

3. Shop online. If you buy in bulk and don't have a car - shopping online definitely works. One thing I ALWAYS buy in bulk online ( is raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. That stuff is $8 or $9/bottle in a store but around $5 on Jet. Instead of buying the pure stevia extract I used to love (still do but I'd rather save money) by Kal, I now buy my stevia powder in bulk from Bulk Supplements on Amazon. It has saved me quite a bit of $$$! :-) Thrive Market can also be great for bulk stuff. Sometimes it's cost effective - but not always. Besides food and supplements I also buy feminine products and toiletries/beauty products in bulk. Organic cotton tampons are half the price of what you'd find in a store when shopping on Amazon. Same story when it comes to a lot of toiletries/beauty products. I refuse to pay full price for almost anything. LOL This includes workout wear! 4. Did you know you can buy some unworn workout gear on POSHMARK? YASSSSSSSS. As you might know I LOVE Carbon38 BUT sometimes I can find those same brands - unworn - on Poshmark. I've also found NWT (new, with tags) Vibram 5 Fingers on Poshmark! Instead of spending $80 or more on those bad boys, I spend around $20. :-D I LOVE Poshmark. If you aren't already on there join with my referral code: AMIRAKAI or use one of the Poshmark links. We'll both get a little kickback. ;-)

If you want to check out Carbon38 you can get 25% off your purchase when you use my code: AMIRA25 5. I purify my own water. I actually refuse to buy bottle water if I don't have to. I used to buy water distillers from Waterwise... but I now use essentially the same machine for 1/4th of the price thanks to doing some searching on Amazon. My water distiller cost about $80 and I "make" one gallon of water a day. To remineralize it I add a pinch of unrefined sea salt to the gallon. 6. I LOVE self-help audio books. So - I go through periods of holding subscriptions to Audible. Depending on your subscription you get 1 to, I think, 3 credits a month to use towards an audiobook. I don't buy audiobooks that are under $50. In fact, I look up the self help authors I really enjoy like Brian Tracy and purchase their PROGRAMS that would normally cost $50 and up. Then of course there are podcasts. It's hard to go wrong with Oprah's Super Soul podcast when you need some positivity. I listen to junky podcasts too though for laughs and entertainment. :-D

7. If I didn't teach group fitness classes or if I were new to a city and wanted to find a boutique studio for classes, I'd consider ClassPass. To find out if ClassPass would be worth it for YOU, read The Frugal Freeway's blog post: 2018 ClassPlass Pricing, Plans and Credits: Worth It? Ummmm so you might be surprised I don't normally shop at Farmer's Markets! I would if they were in my stomping grounds AND totally cost-effective. I would, for instance, buy fresh apples/pears and sweet potatoes and similar at a farmer's market. Supporting local farmers is important for a multitude of reasons. It just doesn't always work out for everyone - including me.

If you have any other tips to add email me or send me a DM on Instagram!

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