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Boost Your Workouts with Fast-Paced Music: The Science Behind the Beat

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Young blonde woman is smiling and standing in front of a pink wall. Herarms are lifted with her hands cradling headphones. She appears to be listening to music that makes her smile. She's wearing tan colored workout clothing.

If you take group fitness classes or teach them, you know how important music is. The right mix can get you hyped and keep you hyped to push through the most challenging workouts. This applies to runners too.

A fascinating study recently unveiled how the tempo of your workout playlist can considerably influence your perception of fatigue. This research, based on a within-subject two-factor experimental design, analyzed the impacts of music tempo (fast, slow, or none) and workout intensity (high or low). The findings revealed that the tempo of your tunes and its interplay with exercise intensity significantly affect your perception of workout fatigue.

But what does this mean for you and your workouts? The study suggests that fast-paced music, with a tempo between 150 and 160 beats per minute (bpm), can enhance your workout performance mentally and physically, irrespective of the intensity of your routine. Why?

Fast music can help regulate your emotions, provide a welcome distraction from discomfort, and speed up recovery from exercise-induced fatigue.

So as you curate your workout playlists, consider adding some fast-paced songs! They'll not only keep you fired up and energized but also help you tackle challenging moments and finish on a high note.

Click here to check out a continuous mix I produced that's set at 150 bpm. And for those who love a good throwback, check out this fun 90's mix! Remember to follow me on Mixcloud for more workout mixes!

Happy sweating!




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