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Do These 3 Mobility Moves Daily to Unlock Tight Hips and Low Back

Updated: May 6

Sitting all day? You're not alone. But that desk chair can wreak havoc on your mobility, leaving your hips and lower back feeling like concrete.

The culprit? Tight hip flexors, hamstrings, and a slumbering backside (hello, inactive glutes!). This can lead to pain, stiffness, and difficulty feeling your glutes during workouts.

woman with back pain at her desk

The Fix: A 5-Minute Mobility Miracle

The good news? You can loosen things up and reclaim your pain-free movement with this quick and effective mobility sequence (watch the video above for a visual guide!). This 5-minute routine is perfect for:

  • Anyone who sits a lot (‍most of us!)

  • People struggling to activate their glutes

  • Those experiencing stiffness when getting out of chairs

  • Individuals with low back pain from tight muscles

Do it:

  • Before a workout to prime your body

  • After a workout to improve recovery

  • First thing in the morning to wake up your muscles

  • Any time you've been sitting for a long period

Bonus: No fancy equipment needed! You can use a Naboso Neuroball (like the one in the video), a tennis ball, or even a small towel rolled up.

3 Pro Tips for Mobility Success:

  1. Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Focus on deep, controlled movements to truly awaken your muscles. Explore your joint space and feel each stretch!

  2. Listen to Your Body: Pain is your body's way of saying "whoa there!" Stay within a comfortable range of motion.

  3. Target Tight Spots: If you feel a specific area screaming during the sequence, take some extra time to roll it out with the ball.

Remember: Consistency is key! By incorporating these simple movements into your daily routine, you'll improve your mobility, prevent pain, and feel like your body is moving the way it should.

Be good to your body, and it will thank you!

P.S. LIKE and SAVE the video for easy access, or download the written instructions in the PDF below.

5-Minute Glute Activation Sequence
Download PDF • 201KB

Ready to take your mobility and overall health to the next level? The SPARK Method can help! It's a simplified system designed to guide you towards lasting results, focusing on movement, nutrition, and mindfulness. Download your free guide today and unlock your full potential!

Amira Lamb performing a split on the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn New York


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