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Healthy Feet: The Ultimate Guide to Foot Care

A woman with perfectly manicured hands are placed on her perfectly pedicured feet.

Your feet are amazing. They've been there with you from your first step, have experienced every adventure, and deserve some love and attention. Over the years, they undergo pressure and wear, so let's dive into how you can ensure they remain healthy and happy.

An infant is on his back with his feet up in the air "happy baby pose"

1. Daily Foot Wash:

Believe it or not, many overlook cleaning between their toes! Wash your feet daily to combat dirt, sweat, and bacteria. Remember to thoroughly dry them to avoid fungal infections.

2. Toenail TLC:

Regular toenail trimming is a must to dodge painful problems like ingrown nails. Trim straight across, using the right tools, and steer clear from tearing.

3. Hydrate Your Feet:

Moisturizing your feet is just as important as your face. Opt for creams with urea, lactic acid, or my favorite, shea butter to keep skin soft and avoid dry, cracked heels.

4. Smooth Moves with Exfoliation:

Foot scrubs or pumice stones can help you shed callused skin. Gentle exfoliation prevents dead skin buildup, ensuring your feet are always soft to touch.

5. Shoes Matter:

Ill-fitting shoes are a recipe for foot issues. Opt for comfy shoes that let your feet breathe. High heels lover? Rotate with other styles and pamper your feet with exercises after wear. If you're adventurous, try brands like Xero Shoes, Vivobarefoot, and Vibram 5 Fingers. One brand that I'm really curious about but haven't yet tried is BeLenka. The have cute shoes for the whole family!

Black boots by Belenka

6. Foot Fitness:

Our feet, filled with crucial muscles, play a key role in our overall stability. Engage in foot strengthening exercises such as toe curls and arch lifts.

Walking barefoot on different surfaces, such as grass, sand, or gravel, as this can help activate the muscles in your feet and improve their strength and flexibility. This also called grounding or Earthing. The practice of walking or standing barefoot on natural surfaces is purported to help with reducing stress. Walking around barefoot can also improve blood flow to the feet. If you can't get outdoors, grounding mats or sheets that are designed to simulate the effects of grounding, but indoors!

a woman is getting a professional foot massage

7. Relax with a Foot Massage:

Rejuvenate your feet with a massage, focusing on the arches, heels, and toes. It's not just pleasurable; it boosts circulation and eases tension.

8. Pay Attention to Foot Pain:

Always address persistent foot pain. A visit to a podiatrist or a healthcare professional might be in order if you're in discomfort.

9. Foot-Centric Products:

Products like Naboso are specially curated for foot care. Whether it's insoles or tools for exercise and massage, they can elevate your foot care game.

A woman in a white bikini is relaxing with her legs extended up on a wall.

10. Kick Your Feet Up:

After a busy day, lifting your feet can decrease swelling and enhance circulation. A 15-20 minute elevation can work wonders.

11. Breathable Socks:

Choose cotton or moisture-wicking socks to maintain dry feet. Remember, dampness could lead to fungal infections, so change often if you're prone to sweating.

Cherish your feet, for they are the foundation upon which you stand and explore the world.

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