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Why Isometrics Should Be a Part of Your Workout Routine

Updated: May 6

Ever feel like you're going through the motions during your workout? Like your muscles aren't truly engaged? That's where isometric exercises (ISOs) come in! These are exercises where you hold a static position, squeezing your muscles hard without actually moving your joints. Think of holding a plank, a wall sit, or even that deep lunge that fires up your glutes.

Isometric barbell squat being performed in a workout class

Wake Up Your Muscles and Get Stronger

Think of ISOs as a wake-up call for your muscles. By holding a static position before a dynamic exercise (like lunges or squats), you're essentially telling your muscles, "Hey there, time to get to work!" This primes your nervous system, creating a stronger connection between your brain and your muscles. The result? Muscles that are more fired up and ready to work harder during your workout. Imagine a "power-up" button for your biceps!

Breakthrough Plateaus, Not Your Limits

Hit a wall in your strength training? Adding more weight isn't always the answer. Pre-fatigue ISOs can be your secret weapon for breaking through plateaus. By holding an ISO before a traditional exercise, you're pre-tiring the target muscle group. This extra activation and recruitment of muscle fibers means you can work DEEPER, pushing past previous limitations without adding extra weight. It's like a sneaky way to overload your muscles and see new gains!

More Than Just Strength: Better Balance and Happy Hormones

Isometrics aren't just about brute strength. They're fantastic for building better stability around your joints, which helps you maintain good form and prevent injuries. Plus, holding those challenging positions gets those feel-good endorphins pumping, leaving you feeling energized and accomplished.

Mind-Muscle Connection is Key to Success

When your mind and body are working together, amazing things happen. So next time you find yourself in a challenging isometric hold, remember: you're not just building strength, you're giving your muscles a wake-up call and priming them to perform their best. Now go out there and crush your workout!

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Amira Lamb is performing a split on the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn New York


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