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Gut Feeling Great: 5 Steps to Supercharge Your Digestive Health

Updated: Apr 29

Freshman year at UMASS-Amherst in the 90's, I dove headfirst into Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition. But I was also curious about alternative health. That's when I stumbled upon Hippocrates' quote: "All disease begins in the gut."


Mind. Blown.

the digestive system

Ever since then, and decades later, I've been fascinated by the gut, the digestive system, and how the food we eat impacts everything from our physical health to our mental wellbeing. Then, as I delved even deeper into functional nutrition, I realized this connection is vast and ever-evolving.

Here's the thing: Hippocrates might not have been 100% on the nose for every disease in every person. But research is piling up, showing that our gut plays a bigger role in our health than we ever imagined! We're not just talking heartburn, constipation, or IBS. We're talking allergies, joint pain, skin issues, autoimmune conditions, mood swings, migraines, even nutrient deficiencies. Whoa.

Why is gut health so critical? Think of your gut as a gateway to the outside world. It absorbs nutrients (and toxins) while keeping bad bacteria and other nasties at bay. The food we eat plays a major role in inflammation too. Personally, certain foods have been known to trigger plantar fasciitis for me – a clear sign of how gut health can impact other areas.

the gut is known as our second brain

The connections between our gut and other parts of the body, even our brain, are mind-boggling! They're calling the gut our "second brain" for a reason – it can seriously influence our mood. But it's not just the gut itself. It's the friendly bacteria living there that play such a crucial role.

So, let's talk about these friendly microbes and how to keep them happy. They help us digest and absorb nutrients, fight off bad bacteria, produce some vitamins, and even influence our mental health and inflammation levels. Pretty impressive, right?

Here are 5 simple steps to improve your gut health (and maybe even ditch the digestive drama!):

  1. Become a Food Detective: Ever feel like a balloon after a certain meal? Grab a notebook and play detective! Track your food and how you feel afterwards. Notice any patterns? If a food seems suspicious, give it a break for a few weeks. Then, try reintroducing it cooked differently or in smaller portions to see if you react.

  2. Chew Your Food Like a Champ: Digestion starts in your mouth, not your stomach! Take your time and chew your food thoroughly. This breaks it down for smoother digestion and helps you feel fuller for longer. Plus, who wants to be a speed-eater? It's not a race!

  3. Feed the Friendly Folks: Your gut is a bustling metropolis with trillions of tiny residents – both good and bad bacteria. Probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, kimchi, and kombucha are like VIP passes for the good guys. They help crowd out the troublemakers and keep your gut happy and healthy.

  4. Fiber Up!: Think of fiber as your gut's personal housekeeper. It sweeps away unwanted bacteria and keeps things moving smoothly. Load up on your veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds to keep your digestive system running like a champ.

  5. Chill Out: Stress is the ultimate party crasher for your gut. Prioritize sleep, manage stress with activities like yoga or meditation, and get regular exercise (but don't overdo it!).

Ready to unlock your inner gut guru and become a total Holistic Hottie? Check out my free eBook: The SPARK Method - Unleash Your Inner Spark! This guide dives deep into the five pillars of holistic wellness, including sleep, stress management, and more.

Download your free copy today and start your journey to feeling fantastic – from the inside out!

Amira Lamb performing a split on the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn New York

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