How Your Somatotype Influences How Your Body Responds to Different Types of Meal Plans and Workout P

In an earlier blog post I discussed why knowing where you tend to store fat is sometimes more important than scale weight.

Today I want to discuss how your SOMATOTYPE influences on how your body responds to different types of meal plans and workout programs!

SOMATOTYPE is another way of describing your body type based on general body structure (bones), muscle, and fat distribution.There are 3 main types but we are typically a mix of two or all three of these types. We are rarely, if ever, just one of these types. The Somatotype Theory has become controversial when taught that every person fits into just one type.

Understanding that we are a mix of the 3 types can provide useful information when individualizing nutrition (macronutrient ratios) and workout plans and understanding why your friend can eat more carbs than you while doing minimal cardio with great results.

Here is a basic description for each SOMATOTYPE:

ECTOMORPH - lanky, naturally lean with a higher metabolism than average, "long and lean" MESOMORPH - strong, tends to adapt more quickly than others to changes in diet/exercise ENDOMORPH - soft, curvy, achieving muscle definition is more challenging

Remember - everyone is a mixture of these.

To know YOUR estimated percentage of each, go to this page on my website to use my Somatotype Calculator.

Let's get to know each SOMATOTYPE a little bit better.


ECTOmorphs tend to prefer cardio over other forms of exercise. This is because they tend to find it pretty easy compared to other people. They'll usually lose body fat pretty quickly by adding (or subtracting) cardio to their regimen. While this Somatotype might prefer cardio over other types of workouts - strength training is crucial for balance and to prevent overuse injuries from repetitive movements like running, cycling, and barre classes.

In summary, ECTOmorphs usually require the least amount of cardio and can handle eating a higher intake of carbohydrates than the average person.

When looking at nutrition and macronutrients, this Somatotype can do well with a 40% carbohydrate/40% protein/30% fat ratio.


Someone who is mostly a MESOmorph will also respond to cardio like running as well - but this type performs best at things like boxing, kickboxing, sprints, and shorter distance runs.

If someone is a mix of MESO and ECTO - fat loss might be pretty quick in response to exercise. If someone has some ENDO characteristics though - fat loss will likely be slower.

When looking at nutrition and macronutrients, someone with a mix of MESO + ECTO can do well with 40% carbohydrate/30% protein/30% fat. Someone with an almost even mix of MESO + ECTO + ENDO can do well with 25% carbohydrates/35% protein/40% fat.


Someone with mostly ENDOmorph qualities tends to be less responsive to cardio than the average person. This Somatotype performs really well in power activities. Cardio will feel less natural for these types - which just means it's more important for them to include it on a regular basis for a healthy body composition.

When looking at diet and macronutrients, someone with a substantial percentage of ENDOmorph qualities (30% or more) can do well with 20% carbohydrates/20% protein/60% fats or 25% carbohydrates/35% protein/40% fat.

To learn more about how to individuate your meals and workout plans, work with me one-on-one or join My Hot Body Project group coaching!

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