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Breaking Up with Sugar: Practical Tips to Kick Your Sugar Habit

Updated: Apr 23

A woman with short red fingernails is in between bites of a sugary doughnut.

Your relationship with sugar—it's complicated. With its enticing allure and instant gratification, it's like the charming but dubious character in a romantic novel. But the realization hits when we notice our infatuation might be a bit too intense. So, let's talk about setting some healthy boundaries with sugar.

First, let's address the sugar gossip that's been flying around. Yes, when we excessively indulge, it can lead to inflammation, weight gain, and a cascade of other wellness concerns.

However, remember, sugar in itself isn't the villain—it's the unchecked indulgence that becomes a problem.

Now, let's navigate towards the fun part—how to establish a balanced, healthier rapport with sugar.

1. Become a Label Sleuth: Sugar is a master of disguise, popping up in your 'healthy' cereals and protein bars. Begin by reading labels and uncovering sugar's pseudonyms (fructose, sucrose, corn syrup—they’re all sugar!).

2. Embrace Whole Foods (not necessarily the store): The less processed your meals, the fewer stealthy sugars you'll bump into. Center your diet around whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, and veggies.

3. Decode your Cravings: Our bodies often demand sugar when they're tired, stressed, or in need of a quick energy surge. Paying heed to these signs can help you manage the underlying issue and find healthier alternatives.

4. Ease into Reduction: Going cold turkey might seem heroic, but often it’s short-lived. A gradual approach allows your taste buds to adjust, making your newfound habits more sustainable.

5. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Thirst often masquerades as a sugar craving. Next time you're longing for that candy bar, reach for a glass of water first.

Funny thing is, I've noticed that when I'm jonesing for ice cream, it's actually my body's quirky way of saying, "Hey, I could use some water!" I know it might sound wild but, the glass of water usually does the trick!

6. Eat Fruit and Explore Different Spices: Fruits can be incredibly satisfying without the intense sugar spike and crash. And spices like cinnamon can infuse a natural sweetness into your meals, sans the extra sugar.

7. Avoid Mindless Eating: Think about when you tend to thoughtless snack. It's usually when you're watching Netflix or some other entertainment, right? Try to make it a habit to foam roll and stretch while watching Netflix instead. 😉When it's time to eat, try to simply eat.

Remember, the goal is to kick your sugar habit. You don't have to completely banish it altogether. The key is to build a healthier, balanced relationship with it. Through mindful consumption and some practical lifestyle adjustments, you can steer your wellness journey in a sweeter, healthier direction.

Additionally, when it comes to weight gain and obesity, the primary culprit is an energy imbalance. Overeating—consuming more calories than you burn—is the real issue here. If you're unsure about how many calories you should be consuming to meet your goals, use this Macro Calculator.




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