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From Dreams to Reality: My Journey from Aspiring NFL Cheerleader to IFBB Bikini Pro

Updated: Apr 24

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Have you ever felt like you're on the cusp of something great, yet something's holding you back? It's like you're standing at the edge of a pool, toes curled over the edge, ready to dive into the waters of change, but a voice inside whispers doubts and fears. Moving from aspiration to actualization is sometimes really challenging, especially when we are our own worst enemy. But we also know that mastering this is worth the actions we need to take.

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My Personal Journey: The Patriots Cheerleader Dream

Let me share a story with you. Growing up in a very strict household, I was barred from cheerleading, something I always thought was so cool and looked like a lot of fun. I loved watching cheer competitions on ESPN and learning the Knicks City Dancer routines from when they were on MTV's The Grind. Instead of moving to NYC, my grand plan was to try out for the Patriots Cheerleaders post-college and catapult my career as a fitness celebrity, then move to California. I had it all planned out - but I became my own worst enemy and blocked my blessings.

Despite meticulous preparation and moving to Boston, my cheerleading aspirations were thwarted not by a lack of talent or opportunity but by my own hesitations and missteps. I made the team but missed the crucial contract signing due to a new job constraint and traffic snarls. These hurdles, coupled with my decision to turn the car around, led to a harsh reality check from the team manager, ending my cheerleading journey before it truly began. This experience was a profound lesson in how essential resilience and perseverance are and it shaped my understanding of the hard work needed to turn dreams into reality.

When I moved to Boston, I achieved everything I auditioned for, and things seemed to be falling into my lap. This was the wakeup call I needed. Nothing is simply handed to you. You can't just wish things into existence without the effort of following through.

The Power of Thought

Reflecting on this, it's clear how our thoughts shape our reality. I'd focused intently on becoming a cheerleader, physically and mentally preparing. Yet, when doubts and fears crept in, they steered my actions away from my dream. It's a stark reminder that while our aspirations fuel us, it's our mindset that steers us.

Now that I think back, while I was excited about the opportunity, I was also overwhelmed with the thought of not having a car or place to live. I had moved to Boston and was living on a friend's couch. She and her roommate had just ended their lease, and I wasn't making enough money yet to afford my own rent. I hadn't only moved away from home, but I also left the religion I grew up in and couldn't ask my parents for assistance. Leaving that religion is a huge deal. I maneuvered my way out of getting disfellowshipped, which could have meant being cut off from my parents and community completely. So, I was on my own and unsure of what to do. I could have figured it out, I'm sure, but I really didn't have a place to live or my own car to get to cheer practices or games.

Amira Lamb IFBB Bikini Pro Muscular Development

The Leap into Action: IFBB Bikini Pro Success

Contrast this with my journey to becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro. I didn't seriously begin this process until I turned 35, so this was roughly an entire decade after the Patriots Cheerleading experience. Here, I aligned my actions with my ambitions consistently. I planted the seeds of success - rigorous training, mental preparation, and unwavering focus. My actions became so second nature that I embodied the change. I was no longer just aspiring; I was living and breathing my fitness vision, winning trophies, crowns, and even a little money. This journey underscored the importance of hard work and consistent action, proving that it's never too late to achieve your fitness goals when you commit wholeheartedly.

Visualization + Emotional Engagement

Visualizing my goals and feeling the emotions tied to them was pivotal in both my successful cheerleading tryouts and bodybuilding competitions. This practice of mental rehearsal was transformative, especially in my most successful competitions. It transcended mere preparation; it became a powerful tool in solidifying my commitment to my goals. One of the techniques I share in the course is designed to harness this power of visualization, allowing you to emotionally connect with and deeply internalize your goals.

The Power of Consistency

I can't emphasize enough that consistency is key. Just as building muscle requires regular, dedicated effort, so does the process of transformation. This journey isn't about making monumental changes overnight but about the accumulation of small, consistent actions that lead to significant results. For instance, my daily routine of training and nutrition, though it seemed mundane at times, was the foundation upon which I built my success as an IFBB Bikini Pro. Rekindle Your SPARK focuses on cultivating these consistent habits, turning your potential into a palpable reality.

Reflections and an Invitation

As we explore the journey from dreaming to achieving, I invite you to consider these questions:

  • Reflect on Past Successes: Think of a time when you conquered a significant challenge – it doesn't need to be related to fitness. What strengths did you harness then? These are your hidden reserves of resilience and determination, waiting to be tapped into for your fitness journey.

  • What's the Impact of Inaction: Imagine where you'll be a year from now if you stay on your current path, without any changes. Visualizing this potential future can be a compelling motivator to start making changes today.

  • Envision Life with Achieved Goals: How would reaching your fitness goals transform your self-esteem, relationships, and overall happiness? Envisioning the full spectrum of success can light a fire within you, spurring you forward. Ask yourself, how amazing could your life become?

These questions are designed to help you dig deeper into understanding your motivations, fears, and the potential impact of your choices. If you find these types of questions resonate with you and you want more guidance, Rekindle Your SPARK offers a comprehensive path to not just envision but actually achieve your goals. For a more tailored experience, explore one-on-one coaching, where I'll create a plan just for you.

Are you ready to take the next step toward transforming your aspirations into reality? Join me for 7 days in Rekindle Your SPARK or reach out for personal coaching.


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