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Manifestation: Not Just a Bunch of Woo, But a Powerful Tool for Achieving Your Goals

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Manifesting your dreams is not as woo-woo as it sounds. It's also not merely wishful thinking or daydreaming. It's about living in alignment with your goals and dreams, which takes dedication and follow-through.

manifest and chill

Manifesting is much like planting a desire in the fertile ground of your mind, nurturing it with belief, catalyzing it with actions, and eventually reaping the fruits of your toil.

My Great Aunt Bettie Parham, a remarkable Harlem businesswoman, perfectly encapsulates this notion: "The Universal Law operates as naturally in humans as it does in physiological processes such as digestion and circulation... If you instill positive subconscious patterns of abundance and prosperity, this same law will unfailingly bring it into your life experience."

Another nugget of wisdom she shared in one of her self-published books in 1956 was:

"Establish in your subconscious mind only the things that you desire to manifest in your life."

Bettie lived her life in accordance with this philosophy. Born in 1909, she refused to be limited by the societal restrictions imposed on black Americans and women. Instead, she dared to dream, fueled by an unwavering belief in herself and her ability to mold her desired reality.

Bettie Esther Parham in front of one her shops in Harlem

After securing her master's degree in education from Columbia University in 1931, Bettie ventured into entrepreneurship at a time when opportunities for black women in business were minimal. Seeing beyond the obstacles, she recognized potential. Leveraging her background in home economics, she dived into the cosmetics industry, setting up her line and retail chain, Esther Beauteria.

Bettie's business pursuits thrived on her profound self-belief and manifesting mindset. It wasn't a quick road to success; it was an iterative process of thinking, believing, and acting. Her mindset transcended personal success, focusing on empowering other women. She expanded Esther Beauteria into a franchise, providing a platform for other ambitious women to excel!

Despite being a black entrepreneur during an era of racial discrimination, Bettie perceived challenges as stepping stones towards her dreams - exemplifying the importance of releasing expectations.

Below is "Parham Place," her 16-room estate at 1 Albany Post Rd in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. From what I remember as a child, it was awesome!

Bettie Esther Parham's estate called "Parham Place" in Croton-on-the-Hudson, New York

Now, acquiring this property wasn't a cakewalk. Remember, we're talking about when racial discrimination was the norm. That didn't stop my great-aunt. She enlisted the help of a white woman to strike the deal with the realtors.

Some of the things that made "Parham Place" so special included the thriving rose and vegetable gardens, the bustling chicken coops, and pig pens. These were inspirations for her oil paintings and additional sources of income. She was all about having multiple sources of income! Before Bettie purchased the property, the estate was so iconic that it played vacation home to President William H. Taft!

Bettie Esther Parham

In 1959, Bettie kicked off yet another extraordinary chapter of her life. She made history as the first black American to launch her business in Africa, with Nigeria being the first recipient of her product line.

Fast-forward to 1960, and she'd cracked international markets in Latin America, Haiti, and the Caribbean. Her success made waves in the industry, with magazines like Jet and Ebony recognizing her as a powerhouse businesswoman to watch.

In 1979, after an awe-inspiring career, she hung up her entrepreneurial hat, sold the National Beauty Supply Company, and the related real estate assets. Settling down in Harlem with her fourth and final husband, she was ready for a well-earned rest.

Bettie left us in 1990 when I was a teenager, but her spirit and audacity continue to inspire. The more I learn about my great-aunt, the more in awe I am of her drive, her courage, and her refusal to take no for an answer.

Bettie wasn't just an entrepreneur and educator; she was a master at manifestation! Her life is a

testament to the potency of a manifesting mindset - transforming dreams into reality amidst adversities.

Her philosophical beliefs, captured in her self-published booklets, "How To Get Money Through Positive Thinking" and "Success Unlimited" emphasize the influence of our thoughts on our experiences and outcomes. These beliefs resonate with the core of developing a manifesting mindset, underscoring her faith in the transformative power of positivity.

Echoing one of my favorite quotes of Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen," Bettie's life truly validates this sentiment.

Here's a short video about her on the Harlem Cultural Archives Youtube channel: Watch

Bettie Esther Parham


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