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The Benefits of Sitting on the Floor: Why You Should Ditch Your Chair and Become More Grounded

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

An Asian woman with light-colored short hair is sitting on the floor with her legs crossed. She is reading from her laptop which is on her lap. She's wearing dark pants and a shirt with ¾ length sleeves with horizontal black and white stripes.

Do you often find yourself shifting uncomfortably in your chair, a vague ache in your back, your posture feeling a little off? You're not alone. In fact, I recently discussed my own peculiar antidote to this modern malaise during my appearance on the Movement Movement podcast. - I prefer sitting on the floor.

During the episode, I briefly touched on my preference but didn't elaborate. So, I decided to dive deeper into my WHY in this blog!

You might be surprised to learn that your trusty office chair isn't doing you any favors. The long hours spent sitting in this seemingly comfortable piece of furniture can put your body in an unnatural position, leading to discomfort such as tight hip flexors, anterior pelvic tilt, and even low back pain. A disturbing reality, given how much time we spend on our behinds in today's digital world.

So, how do we combat this? A rather humble solution awaits - the floor. When we sit on the floor, we engage more muscles and can arrange our legs in numerous ways, ensuring our hip joints get the exercise they require. This practice can assist in maintaining or even enhancing hip mobility and warding off back discomfort.

But the benefits don't stop there! Floor sitting can also aid in posture correction and flexibility. Think about it - chairs are designed to bear our body weight, which can lead us to fall into bad habits, like slouching, placing unnecessary strain on our spine. In contrast, sitting on the floor encourages us to engage our core muscles, promoting an upright posture, strengthening our back, and eventually enhancing our overall stance. Plus, the freedom of movement that floor sitting provides can gradually improve our flexibility.

As I pen this down, I'm comfortably lounged in my favorite 'Tummy Time' position, a floor sitting position I've come to love while working on my laptop. You can try it too! Ease into the practice by making small adjustments, such as floor sitting while catching up on your favorite TV show or doing a bit of laptop work. There's an array of laptop trays available online that are perfectly suited for floor use.

Why not give it a shot? You might find that sitting on the floor isn't just a new-found comfortable spot but also a health-conscious habit. So let's break free from the chair and get more grounded!

Asian woman with long dark hair is on the floor in a 'Tummy Time' position with her laptop, Theres a plate with two croissants next to her as well as a glass of orange juice. She has three small notebooks to her right.She's wearing a yellow shirt.


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