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What Age Does Your Metabolism Slow Down?

Updated: May 4

That "metabolism nosedive" you think happens as you get older? Might not be as drastic as you think. And that's fantastic news!

middle-aged blonde woman is working out with purple dumbbells

A groundbreaking study, involving over 6,400 people from 29 countries aged 8 days to 95 years, just busted a major metabolism myth – your metabolism doesn't just fall off a cliff after your 20s. Get this: Your metabolism's peak performance actually lasts until you're around 60! Only then does it start a modest decline - roughly 0.7% annually.

The plot thickens when they found that menopause doesn't put a dent in metabolism.

That was actually pretty shocking to me.

It also showed when body size and fat-free mass are factored in, there are negligible differences between men and women's metabolism. Seriously surprising!

So, Are You Ready for a Metabolism Reality Check?

Let's get honest about our habits. We can't control getting older, but the good news is we have more influence on our metabolism than we might think! It's all about adopting healthy habits and routines that support a healthy metabolism, no matter your age.

Ready to unlock a revved-up metabolism and feel your best at any age? Download your free copy of The SPARK Method!

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