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Supersets: Time-Saving or Time-Wasting? The Pros and Cons of This High-Intensity Workout

Updated: Apr 30

Feeling like the clock's your enemy when it comes to crushing your workouts? Supersets might be your new gym BFF. But are they a magic bullet or just a confusing mess?

woman is holding a dumbbell preparing to squat

As a fitness pro, I love throwing supersets into my clients' routines, but it's not a one-size-fits-all deal. Let's break down this high-intensity technique to see if it's your key to a sculpted physique or a recipe for frustration.

Time-Crunched Hero: We all know the struggle – life gets busy, and the gym often gets sacrificed. Supersets come to the rescue! They let you pair two exercises back-to-back, hitting opposing muscle groups like chest press (push) and rows (pull). This double whammy lets you maximize your workout in minimal time, perfect for busy schedules or those who crave a shakeup from their routine.

Beyond the Burn: Supersets aren't just time-savers, they're intensity boosters! A University of New Mexico study found they skyrocket your heart rate, VO2 max (fancy term for how efficiently you use oxygen), and even calorie burn (although traditional sets might have a slight lead here). Think cardio and strength training all rolled into one!

The Catch: While supersets are amazing for efficiency and intensity, they're not for everyone. The shorter rest periods can feel brutal, especially if you're used to lifting heavier weights with longer breaks. This might not be ideal for beginners or those focused on lifting crazy-heavy weights.

The Takeaway: Find Your Fit: The best workout is the one you enjoy and can stick with in the long run. Supersets can be a fantastic tool to add variety and save time, but they should fit your goals and preferences. Start slow with lighter weights and shorter supersets, gradually increasing intensity as you get more comfortable.

Not sure if supersets are your jam? No sweat! There are tons of other ways to sculpt your dream physique. But if you're curious, check out the sneak peek below – it's a high-intensity superset class I designed that incorporates active recovery to keep you moving!




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