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How Music Affects Your Mood and Shapes Your World

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Have you ever considered how music has the ability to shape our emotions and mold our thoughts? When used with intention, music could even be a powerful catalyst for change. Let's dig in. 🤍 🎶

young woman kicking back and listening to music on an oldschool boom box

The Bridge to Re-tuning Emotions: Music Affects Mood

Music serves as a bridge between our conscious and subconscious minds, uniquely tapping into our emotions and often bypassing logical thought. This is why a particular melody can instantly lift your spirits or instill a sense of tranquility. It's also why working out to rap or heavy metal works so well! Aggressive music can totally fuel a workout. If you've ever taken my classes in-person or online, you know I fine-tuned the art of playlist creation for my fitness classes. You can find those mixes here on my Mixcloud.

In the Rekindle Your SPARK mini-course, I harness the transformative power of music once again - but in a totally different way!

Crafting Playlists for Transformation

Each day of the 7-Day Rekindle Your SPARK mini-course is complemented by a specially curated Spotify playlist. These playlists are set to enrich the daily themes and lessons. For example, Day 1's playlist kindles motivation, echoing the theme of igniting your inner flame. Likewise, Day 5's playlist, designed to incite action, syncs perfectly with the day's goal of turning dreams into reality. The Day 6 playlist is created to remind yourself of the badass you are.

DJ mixing on turntables

The Power of Lyrics and Intention

Lyrics carry immense energy, and when fused with music, their influence multiplies. In my fitness classes, I often opted for aggressive beats, focusing more on rhythm than words. I’d edit out certain lyrics to maintain a raw, gritty vibe, transitioning to uplifting house music for the final segment. However, in Rekindle Your SPARK, I placed greater emphasis on lyrics. Lyrics are almost like mantras. What are we repeatedly feeding our minds with? As my mom loved to tell me growing up: "Garbage in. Garbage out!"

It's about synergizing the music's energy with the strength of words, subtly steering our thoughts towards mental resilience and emotional empowerment, particularly for women.

Amira Lamb smiling and dancing

The Healing Frequency: 432Hz

A notable feature of Rekindle Your SPARK is the tuning of its audio to 432Hz. It's believed to enhance peace and clarity, ideal for meditation and self-reflection. Given the transformative essence of Rekindle Your SPARK, integrating this frequency felt essential. 💗

An Invitation

Curious about the role of music in your wellness? I invite you to join the 7-Day Rekindle Your SPARK mini-course. It's a transformative journey where music is just one of many pivotal tools to help you rediscover and ignite your inner spark.

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